A business man with interest in Social Media Marketing, Publishing, Branding, Image making and Communication
For over two decade he have tried his hands in many areas of business ventures until he settled for his passion in online and offline marketing, his foura into social media marketing started about seven years ago when Facebook not only become a means of getting across to friends but also a tool of launching out to the face of the world with your goods and services.
“Mr Kris” as he is fondly called lunched his first website in 2009 with the advent of bulk messaging, popularly known as bulksms, from then there have never been a time of looking back for him, as he now have three blogs and site put together serving as tools of educating and enlightening the world about what and how is the internet a transport to the next generation.
He is the CEO of Creative2Concepts Group, an organisation that delivers top range service woven around the new media and its deliverable.

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