Breaking!! Experts Profer Solution to Incessant Tanker Fire

Breaking!! Experts Profer Solution to Incessant Tanker Fire

There is almost no month without a tanker falling or spilling it’s content on the road thereby causing a great havoc to the citizenry,

This made the Nigerian Institute of Safety Engineers to come of with a possible solution to the menace.


The Nigerian Institution of Safety Engineers is again calling on all stakeholders involved in the safety of our roads to act urgently to address the increasing occurrences of petrol tanker fires in Nigeria. All must come together to create a solution to the incessant petrol tanker fires in the country.

The NISafetyE calls on policy makers at all level of government – including Federal, State and Local Governments working with engineers- to create policies that will ensure the safety of the public and of citizens in Nigeria. The policies required include national policies on the design and construction of petroleum tankers by fabrication companies in Nigeria, regardless of their size, location or ownership as well as policies on the requirements for the safe operations and maintenance of petroleum tankers by the owners and the users. Appropriate systems required for the monitoring and enforcement of such policies by the agencies involved in supervising the operations and maintenance of petroleum tankers can also be worked out in conjunction with Nigerian engineers.

Nigerian Safety Engineers can also help define policies that will strengthen the regulations for facilities used in handling of petroleum products in Nigeria. The policies to be defined will include standards for the design, construction, operations and maintenance of downstream oil & gas facilities in Nigeria. Standards will be based on international standards and best practices but will be shaped based on the learnings and experience gained from previous disasters in Nigeria.

Stakeholders will also need to review policies for road safety. Nigerian Safety engineers are calling on policy makers to improve regulations on automotive transport especially in making policies for effective monitoring and enforcement of vehicle inspection and road worthiness. Recommendations for the safe operations and maintenance of articulated vehicles and especially for vehicles that carry petroleum products.

Safety Engineers will also like policy makers to review policies that will assist in improving the design and construction of roads at all levels of government – Federal, State and Local government – and more especially for those that are in challenging terrains. Engineering support is required to ensure that roads are built to a standard that will ensure they remain in good condition for much longer. The maintenance of roads also requires increased focus by all levels of government and policies to assist in reducing costs and maximizing the life of the road in their jurisdiction. Nigerian Safety Engineers are calling on administrators at all levels to partner for the safety of their roads. Nigerian Safety Engineers will be happy to work with the various administrators to develop actionable recommendations for their local roads and in defining approaches for effective monitoring and enforcement of compliance with road regulations in their area.

The urgency of the times is great and all governmental ministries, departments and agencies that are involved in road safety are called upon to act together so that a solution can be provided.

Engr Biodun Oyedepo, FNSE, FNISafetyE
National Chairman

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