Engr. Dideolu Falobi Becomes IOD Fellow.

Engr. Dideolu Falobi Becomes IOD Fellow.

Wednesday the 23rd of Oct was a day to be remembered in the corporate Nigeria as captains of industry converged at the Ballroom of the prestigious Oriental Hotels Vitoria Island, Lagos. To honour some of their own as they were inducted into the prestigious fellowship of the INSTITUTE OF DIRECTORS.

The room was well litted and the life band was serenading with beautiful tunes, around you will find the who is who in Nigerian business boardrooms, cutting across industries, In the room where about 20 distinguided men and women that were to be inducted as fellows of the Institute.

Standing out in this pack is a thorough bread Ijesa Chief, an astute Engineer and the Managing Director of Nigeria’s fomost indigenous engineering company -Kresta Laurel Ltd, Engineer Dideolu Omojola Falobi the Bobajiro Of Ilesa.

He has over the years distinguished himself in his chosen field and in every human endeavour.

It is a our prayer he continues to add feather to his cap.

From the Creative2concepts group we say congratulations Bobajiro.

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