It is with great sadness that the entire Christ for All Nations family announces the death of our founder, friend and spiritual father, Reinhard Bonnke.

millions of people made Christ their Lord as a result of Evangelist Bonnke’s ministry. Bonnke was best known for his gospel outreach campaigns throughout Africa. It is no exaggeration to say that his work transformed the continent.

Evangelist Bonnke drew some of the largest live audiences in history. In November of 2000, at a single meeting in Lagos, Nigeria, 1.6 million attendees heard him preach the truth of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. From big cities to the bush, in deserts, jungles and savannahs, similar crowds assembled in almost every nation in Africa.

It wasn’t Reinhard Bonnke’s speaking alone that drew the masses. The multi-day events were always marked by the miracle-working power of God. From the start of his ministry in 1967 to his last gospel campaign in 2017, thousands upon thousands were healed. The creative work of the Holy Spirit dissipated cancers, opened blind eyes, reset broken minds and shook the Church to once again believe for the “greater works” promised by Jesus Himself.

Those who knew him off-stage can testify to his personal integrity, genuine kindness and overflowing love for the Lord. His ministry was inspired and sustained by his rich prayer life, his deep understanding of the Word and his unceasing intimacy with the Holy Spirit. As he wrote in Living a Life of Fire (one of more than 30 books he authored).

“In truth, I have done nothing alone. God has called me and has been my pilot. The Holy Spirit has been my comforter, my guide, and my power source… He brought to me the perfect wife. He gave us our beautiful children and extended family. And He has provided a team that has grown with me through decades of working together. Beyond that, He has brought thousands to stand with us. They have supported us in prayer and in partnership. Our rewards in Heaven will be equal.”

Bishop Simeon Agbolabori of Chapel Of Restoration Huston Texas and world over has this to say about

“REINHARD BONKIE – The Man, His God and His Christ
Men and brethren, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I count it a great pleasure and honor to stand before you today to speak about this icon of christianity and evangelism, a man i have live to respect and referenced. A man whose work as an evangelist has gone beyond color and geographical boundries, a man who broke down denominational barrier and brought man of all denomination together for the sake of winning souls for Christ, Evangelist Reinhard Bonkie.
You see…
Some went to African to seek, Gold of Ghana, diamond of Liberia and Serria Leone, and crude oil of Nigeria BUT Reinhard Bonnkie went after souls

Some went to Africa in pursuit of Millions and multiple of Millions of dollars BUT Reinhard Bonnkie went in pursuit of multiple of millions of soul for the Kindgom of God.

Some went to Africa and took advantage of the continent BUT the man Reinhard Bonkie took the TRUE LIGHT there and left if for them.

Some went and left behind them devastation, weeping and anguish BUT the servant of God Reinhard Bonkie transform peoples lives with the Undeniable, incorruptible, ever living, eternal, self existing, inspired, anointed, all powerful Word of God.

Some went selfishly for what they would get BUT Christ for All Nations went to Africa with the question how can we serve? What can we give and what can we do to make Africa better that we met it?

Through the effort of this one man and Christ For All Nations muslims, voodoo priest, charmers have surrendered their religious books, their idols and gods to accept Jesus as the only Lord and Savior as their Messiah and have began to follow Him.

Reinhard Bonkie can wear with confidence and honor the tiltle “Father of Africa Mass Evangelism” for he has worked diligently for it.

Most Christians, preachers and church leaders date back to about 30 yrs would say “My life and ministry was impacted, changed and transformed by the fire I got through Christ for All Nations.”

Coming to our continent, our countries, states and cities some of which are hostile to the gospel and you stood for Jesus and making Him known WE WILL NOT FORGET

Gathering churches, ministries and christian leaders together for the sake of helping them evangelize their continent, teaching them on how to manage the harvest of souls brought in through the ministry of Cfan and leaving the souls behind for these churches – WE WILL NOT FORGET

Training church leaders and pastors among whom I stand on how to well evangelize and follow up converts – WE WILL NOT FORGET

Spending multiple of millions to liberate African from the reign of Devil and his demon bringing us true deliverance – WE WILL NOT FORGET.

When threat was made against your life and when some bound themselves with oath not to allow you into their cities and states and you despite this still went and preached to teaming crowd of expectant audience – WE WILL NOT FORGET

For many blinds who received their physical sight, the lame who walked, the deaf who heard, the mute who spoke, the lunatics who became sane and cancer and growth that disappeared through power in the name of your Jesus – WE WILL NOT FORGET

Loving us so much to have offer your life, family and ministry as a sacrifice to see that Africa is saved – WE WILL NOT FORGET.

Your effort and work among us has been told to our children who will tell it to their children, by this you know, – WE WILL NOT FORGET

To your wife………. and family and his ministry team who supported you with all they are and all they have – WE WILL NOT FORGET.

To all Cfan partners and ministry backers your money and prayers are not in vain, your effort has yielded close to 40millions soul of tremendous harvest I say thank you and WE WILL NOT FORGET.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is survived by his wife, Anni, three adult children, Kai-Uwe, Gabrielle, and Susie and eight grandchildren. We share in their grief – even as we celebrate his profound legacy of faith and joyfully anticipate our heavenly reunion.

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