I Didn’t Steal A Dime From Nigeria — Diezani Alison

I Didn’t Steal A Dime From Nigeria — Diezani Alison

Mrs. Diezani Alison, former Nigeria Minister of Petroleum, has denied stealing a dime from Nigeria when she served the country under Goodluck Jonathan, ex Nigeria president.

The former Minister has since said the claim by Nigeria anti graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) that she stole money while serving as a minister is a lie targeted at destroying her reputation.

Diezani made the claim while granting interview to Ovation magazine.

She equally denied making
Mr. Chris Aire, Kola Aluko, Tonye Cole, Igho Sanomi, and many others rich after she had intimate relations with them.

The former minister said she is a married woman and cannot put her hand in stealing public money for whatever reason.

She said the allegation that $20billion disappeared from the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation  (NNPC) when she was in office is a mere false, concocted by mischief makers.

She has since registered her disappointment over some Nigerians who are attacking her, despite lifting them out of poverty.

She told Dele Momodu, Ovation magazine Publisher in the interview how she sent foreigners away from Nigeria oil business and made some Nigerians rich by empowering them, and wondered why those she empowered are now the ones insulting her.

The former minster has been in London since Mr. Muhammadu  Buhari, Nigeria President assumed office.

She is currently standing trial in London in connection with the money she allegedly stole under Jonathan as the minister of petroleum.

Worse still, Diezani has said, all allegations are lies targeted at destroying her.Sharing is caring!

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