Major Show-Down Looms As Iru Throne Contenders Gets Ready For Battle.

Major Show-Down Looms As Iru Throne Contenders Gets Ready For Battle.

Insiders disclosed that a major showdown looms in the intense fight to determine the new occupier of the coveted throne of Oniru of Iru Land.

Aremo Adesegun Abiodun Oniru – the eldest son of the immediate past king, Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru – is in an intense rivalry with Prince Akeem Ajasa over who takes the thrown.

Aremo Oniru is laying claim to the throne based on status which is the product of the combined advantages of his wealth and strong political connections while Prince Ajasa is making his bid backed by the agreement among the three ruling families in Iru Land ( Akiogun, Ogunyemi and Abisogun) and the government gazette of September 1993 that the throne should be rotated amongst the three ruling houses.

‘’Aremo Oniru wants to rule after his father and grandfather, though based on consensus by the ruling families but after a fierce fight, had ruled back to back’’ a source stated.

Insiders further revealed that it was Prince Ajasa’s family that was denied the opportunity to rule when immediate past Oba Idowu Oniru took the throne and they are not ready to become the victim of the late Oba’s son ambition to succeed his father.

both sides have deployed high-level influences and clouts to get the better of one another.

Sources disclosed that amid the raging fight, Aremo Oniru retained control of the Oniru Palace but kept it locked up. The move was accepted by all stakeholders during the burial rites of the late Oba Idowu Oniru but deemed unacceptable now that Aremo Oniru has transformed one of the strong contenders for the throne.

‘’His position as the eldest son of the Oniru placed him in position to be in charge of the palace when his father died, but now that he wants to succeed his father- the other contenders see the hold on the palace as an undue advantage and want an end to it. They want the palace to be handed over to neutral persons until a new king is announced’’

Sources claim Aremo Oniru does not want to yield easily to such a demand, insiders disclosed rather than hand over the palace the former commissioner has beefed up security around the palace.

The move has not gone well with many stakeholders and it appears a move to match force with force is in the offing.

a top player in the matters of tradition and custom in Lagos state is serving as a rallying point for the takeover of the Oniru palace from ‘’all vested interests’’ until a new king is picked.

Insiders insist the police and related law enforcement outfits have been informed and ‘’they are only waiting for the signal to take-over the palace to even the score for all contenders to the throne of Oniru’’ The talk about town is that Aremo Oniru is playing hardball over the stool in the bid to protect his massive investments in Iru land, Victoria Island which are being whispered as ‘’resources of all’’ and may be targeted for ‘’redistribution’’ if ‘’another Pharaoh that doesn’t know his Joseph emerges as king’’. –

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