Make Igbo Next President Or Count Us Of Nigeria

Make Igbo Next President Or Count Us Of Nigeria

Former Governor of Anambra State, Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has threatened to back any option taken by Igbo people in 2023, including pulling out of Nigeria if they are denied the chance to produce Nigerian president in 2023.

Ezeife had earlier said they would explore other options including prayers and lobbying all nationalities and political stakeholders in Nigeria to buy their support, but if that fails, then the people of the South East would consider pulling out of the “marriage” which he will fully support.

He was happy with the formation of an advocacy group, South East for President 2023 (SEFORP 2023), describing it as a mature agitation platform to get global attention and galvanise support for the realisation of the 2023 Igbo presidency agenda.

He said: “The first thing we must do is to hold national prayers because all powers belong to God.

“As we pray fervently, we will work tirelessly and most importantly establish a united front to get that.

“If we do all these things and other things that are expected from us within the constitution, and yet we didn’t get the presidency of Nigeria in 2023, then we would consider ourselves not welcomed in Nigeria.”

“We have the capacity and numbers to produce Nigerian president.”

“Anything otherwise would make us seize to be citizens of Nigeria. Even if Nigerian state rejects us, we cannot reject ourselves. As far as I am concerned, this is the final push for Igbo presidency.

“Nigeria has been pushing us out of Nigeria. The government of Nigeria has not helped matters too.

“We are denied political appointments, employment in certain areas, our peoples’ businesses are frustrated through government policies. We can’t take this anymore.” He said.

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