Sperm donation is fornication by proxy – Islamic scholar

Sperm donation is fornication by proxy – Islamic scholar

An Islamic scholar has described as sacrilege the decision by some young men to donate their sperm to fertility hospitals.

Sheikh Ishaq Nuamah described the act where men donate their sperm to fertilise a female egg as “fornication by proxy.”

Citing Quran Chapter 12 to buttress his point, he explained that, “if a third party, other than the spouses, is introduced into the process of fertilisation, such sperm coming from another man, then fertilisation in such cases is haraam, because it is counted as zinaa (adultery).”

Sheik Nuamah stressed that when a woman uses the sperm of a man, it is the same as sexual intercourse which is halaa.

With regard to the child who is born as the result of such a process, the Islamic scholar said the child is to be attributed to the mother who bore him, and not to the man who produced the sperm, as is the ruling in the case of zinaa (fornication or adultery).

Sheik Nuamah added that Islam only permits a married man to donate his sperm to fertilise his wife’s egg if the woman has issues with her reproductive system.

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