Have you ever heard about Nigerian-born Toronto-based Kolade Doherty?

Billionaire Drug Lord, Crime Kingpin, hobgoblin of every Ontario cop and the toast of Nigerian Fuji musicians in the 90s and early noughties.

Canada’s number one gangster and most wanted fugitive with a reward of 25 million CAD on his head.

There has been no public sighting of Doherty in the last 10 years, but in a case of incredibly dexterous management skills that make many Ivy League business schools green with envy, he still manages to successfully run Ontario’s largest, richest and most-dreaded criminal empire from underground.

Over 1, 000 deaths – including 40 cops, 50 children and 100 women – have been linked to his criminal organization.

In a chilling 1994 event that shocked Canada to its foundations, he ordered the explosion of a school bus that had 30 school kids aboard simply because the twin daughters of a rival drug lord responsible for an expensive drug deal gone bad, were on that bus.

He wiped out the entire family of Toronto detective, Michael Haley, who had audaciously led a successful sting operation that cost Doherty’s organization a whopping 100 million CAD in drug money.

Doherty is said to have told his top lieutenants that if any of Haley’s parents, grandparents, spouse, children, cousins, siblings or relatives was alive by the end of the week, he would personally see to the execution of each of their kids.

He also gave the order that not a hair of Haley’s head be touched so he could live to witness the consequences of facing up to the “Mad Toronto Butcher” – which was the nickname Doherty came to be known by in the Canadian press.

In three days, not one of Haley’s family members world over was left alive. Even his ex-wife, Rhonda Stevens, and her family, was butchered in broad daylight at an Italian resort where the family was vacationing.

It so happens that there’s but a thin thread that separates men from beasts.

Every man born of a woman is at first human.

While some remain human for the rest of their lives. Others travel back and forth on the concourse between humanity and monstrosity.

Others mutate into beasts perpetually with scant hope of redemption.

Doherty migrated to Canada from Nigeria in 1985 when he was 28, with a now estranged wife, Lilian Linus, and a little daughter, Toluwani.

Three weeks after arriving in Toronto, an event that would alter the course of their lives forever happened.

Parked in front of a grocery store in downtown Toronto, Doherty stepped into the store to make quick purchases while Lilian and little Toluwani remained in the vehicle.

The Lost Brothers and a group of drug-peddling bikers from New York had been engulfed in a bloody turf war that had resulted in massive casualties on both sides.

The bikers thought that they’d take out the Lost Brothers’ Number Two guy, Joe Rosetto, who sometimes hung around his brother, Paolo’s grocery store, which was being used to clean his organization’s drug money.

For Doherty, it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A bloody shootout ensued, and even though Doherty and his wife, Lilian, made it out alive, four year old Toluwani sustained multiple gun shot wounds and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the North Health Campus.

Two years passed and no one had been brought to book on account of Toluwani’s gruesome murder.

That marked the birth of the man who would come to be known as the Mad Toronto Butcher.

Today, Doherty was finally apprehended by the Calgary Police.

I was awoken at about 5am by loud incoherent noises coming from my landlord’s apartment. There were cops everywhere.

Doherty has been my landlord for a year.😱

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